Truth & Myths

All Real Estate Agents Are The Same. (Myth)

The number one factor in what makes the best real estate agents is service. You will always be able to get in contact with a good agent. When you ask for something they provide it immediately. If they do not know an answer they will tell you they do not know, but find out ASAP. A great agent will do everything in their power to keep you happy, yet not be afraid to tell you the truth.

I Can Find Properties For Sale On My Own. (Truth)

You can find properties for sale on your own. If you do not use an agent you will limit yourself to about only 5% or less of what is truly on the market. When you have a good real estate professional working for you, you will see 75% or more of the total market, giving you a much better chance to make the best purchase decision. Also, if you do not use a real estate professional you will open yourself up to a much higher level of liability to time and financial loss. A real estate professional knows what to do and does it in the most efficient way possible when transacting real estate deals.

If I Wait Long Enough I Will Find The Perfect Home. (Myth)

If you wait you will not find anything. Real estate is about searching, which quite frankly is hard work. Like anything in life you cannot wait, you must do.

Renting a Home is More Affordable Than Owning a Home. (Myth)

Renting is by no means more affordable than owning a home. Remember, a landlord is not in the business of losing money. This means they need to cover their own monthly mortgage and also make a premium (profit). Therefore, your rent is their mortgage payment plus the profit they need to make. In most real estate markets across the country, rent is just about the same as a mortgage payment, sometimes more. When you are renting you will never have a chance to see that money again. But when you own you are paying as much as you would be renting and at the same time be building equity, writing off your taxes and writing off your insurance. To summarize, rent is a total loss and owning is a forced savings account (equity) and a much larger tax return (interest and tax write off).

Our Pledge:

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